Blender Bites - Alligator Ice Slush in a Blender

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Blender Bites is a new product line released from Alligator Ice that allows you to enjoy great tasting slush in a simple blender. With an easy to follow receipe, you are sure to be hit regardless of the event/party. Easy to follow instructions are printed on every bottle:
1. Pour entire contents of bottle into blender.
2. Fill bottle with water and pour into blender.
3. Fill blender with ice to the 5 cup / 40 oz line.
4. Blend mixture to a smooth frozen drink consistency.
5. Mixture should yield 4 - 10oz servings.
6. For adult/mixed drinks, pour in 8 oz of your favorite liquor instead of water (step 2).

Clearance Special - Blender Bites are available in 2 great tasting flavors including:
Pina Colada
Frozen Margarita
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