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Alligator Ice Frozen Drink Maker

Frozen Drink Maker

Are you looking for a way to make great frozen drinks? Alligator Ice is now making it possible for you to purchase the same professional frozen drink maker units that we offer our commercial clients. The truth is, without a special machine you simply can not make a slushie style drink at home. Alligator Ice is proud to bring you the equipment and flavored syrups you need to make slushes at home. Best of all, you can use your slush maker as the world's best frozen margarita maker. Other adult flavors include frozen vanilla and mocha cappuccino mixes and energy drinks.

Your Frozen Margarita Maker

Whether you want a great drink maker for your game room or want something that can handle parties, a machine from Alligator Ice is the answer. You can use your equipment to create a great frozen strawberry daiquiri batch or many other drinks. You can get your machine as a single flavor or double flavor model. There is simply no better or easy frozen margarita maker available. You select the flavor you want and pour the half gallon syrup concentrate into the mix container that is included with your machine. Then, add the appropriate fifth and add water until the container's fill line is reached. After mixing thoroughly, simply pour the contents of the mixing container into your equipment and let it do the work for you.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Coladas

We offer two dozen flavors and several can be used to make great adult beverages. Obviously, you can add tequila to Island Pina Colada or rum to Rita Margarita or even use California Strawberry to make an incredible frozen strawberry daiquiri, but there are many more great drinks you can create. Some creative options include:

  • Mudslides (cappuccino flavors and Irish cream)
  • Fuzzy navels (Orange Dream Sickle and peach schnapps)
  • Screwdrivers (Orange Dream Sickle and vodka)
  • Adult lemonade (Backyard Lemonade and vodka)
  • Frozen gimlet (Swamp Water and gin)

These are only a few of the amazing drinks you will be able to create with a professional frozen drink maker from Alligator Ice.

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